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Watchdog™ Earthquake Early Warning Alarm

The Watchdog™ Earthquake Early Warning Alarm from QMI detects the primary-wave (p-wave) ground motion caused by an earthquake and sounds an alarm before the potentially damaging secondary waves (s-wave) arrive. This valuable warning time can range from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the distance from the epicenter and geological conditions in the area.

The Watchdog™ is equipped with a loud (115dB) audible alarm and strobe light. With this loud alarm combined with visual stimulus of the strobe, even people who are hard of hearing are sure to take notice. And if an earthquake occurs during the night, the siren is loud enough to awaken all but the most sound of sleepers.

Watchdog™ features:

  • Early warning
  • Proven p-wave detection technology
  • Loud (115dB) siren
  • Flashing strobe light
  • Test Button (ideal for running earthquake drills)

Visit the Watchdog™ FAQ here. (Link opens in new window)
Or Download the PDF version here. (Requires Acrobat Reader)


For industrial and commercial applications, check out the new S-Box "Smart Seismic System" from QMI Controls, which also features an early warning function.

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