RF Seismic Gas Shut-Off System

Seismic Gas Shut Off ValveThe safety and well being of your family is your biggest concern.  Now QMI reduces the concern with the RF Quake™ wireless system, designed to shut off your gas in the event of an earthquake. Linked to a wireless gas valve, your gas system is automatically turned off when an emergency is detected.

The RF Quake™ system is a very low powered device, powered by a 9-volt wall adapter with internal battery backup, which insures that the RF Quake™ will remain on guard of you even if the power goes off.  When a dangerous earthquake is detected, the RF Quake™ sends a wireless RF signal to the valve, causing it to shutoff, preventing potential fires or explosions that could result from burst or damaged gas lines in the building.  This signal format for the wireless valve is standardized with the Gas Guardian™ Gas Leak Protection System, which means that any sensor that works with the Gas Guardian™ Gas Leak Protection System is fully compatible with this wireless valve and can be easily added to the system.  The wireless valve is powered by an internal battery which will last more than 5-years under normal operating conditions.


  • Stainless Steel Motorized Valve
  • Complete Gas Shutoff System
  • Wireless Link
  • Easy Installation
  • Dry Contact for Monitoring
  • Temperature Display
  • ASCE 25-97