Model 8000 Earthquake Gas Shutoff

model8000For five years, this stand alone battery powered QMI™ Seismic Gas Shut-Off system automatically activates the electronic shutoff valve when the sensor detects serious ground movement, thus minimizing possible further damage from gas explosion.

Enclosed in a rugged, NEMA 3R-rated steel enclosure, the Model 8000 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

All products in this system have certification listings by one or more of the following:

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Why does QMI use electronic earthquake detection?

There are many reasons why QMI feels that electronic earthquake detection is superior to mechanical detection methods. The biggest reason is “NO FALSE ALARMS”. Using patented electronic earthquake detection technology QMI is able to process the data from its sensors and filter out vibrations and ground movements not caused by earthquakes (passing trucks for instance). Without the advantage of “smart” technology, mechanical systems may false alarm any time vibration or ground movement exceeds a certain threshold.

For Seismic Gas Shut-off Valves in particular, QMI valves have another enormous advantage over mechanical valves in regards to installation. Mechanical earthquake valves are notoriously tedious to install because the detection mechanism is part of the valve itself. This requires the valve to be adjusted until it is perfectly level in all directions. On top of that, most jurisdictions require that pipe-mounted earthquake valves must be physically braced to the building. Taking into account the amount of labour and the costs of the fittings and braces required for these valves, the installation can end up costing more than the valve itself.

With QMI seismic shutoff systems, the detection portion and the valve are separate units entirely. A cable from the solenoid on the valve is connected to the controller allowing the valve to be installed in any orientation (horizontal, vertical, or anywhere in between) without having to be adjusted for level or braced in any way. The controller is simply bolted to a nearby wall in a vertical position as near to level as possible. Using smart technology, QMI’ controller will automatically compensate for any minor deviations from level, so special tools or shims for adjusting its position are not required. This installation can be completed in minutes, not hours.