S-Box 2500Q Series Seismic Sensor
For Control Systems

  • 3-axis vibration sensing
  • Patented electronic earthquake detection technology
  • Alphanumeric liquid crystal display
  • Dry contact output
  • Record of peak acceleration in each axis for up to 15 seismic events
  • Metering mode allows real-time observation of "g-force" acting on the system in each axis
  • Rechargeable battery backup
  • Meets ASCE 25-97, ASME 17.5, CSA B44.1, and UL508

Open S-box

rapidtransitlineThis industrial, user-friendly system detects both vertical and horizontal ground movements (3-axis). The system stores the peak acceleration (in “g”) in each axis for up to 10 seismic events. The setpoint for the sensor can be set through the user interface to trip according to the ASCE 25-97 standard, or according to a user-defined threshold between 0.01G and 1.00G. The default setpoints are 0.10G in the horizontal and 0.05G in the vertical.


The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface.

The system has 2 independent relay contact outputs (normally open or normally closed) for seismic alarm. One set of contacts is latching and will remain in the “activated” position until manually (or remotely) reset. The other contact is a non-latching contact and will automatically reset when the seismic disturbance is over.

Another set of latching relay contact outputs (normally open or normally closed) is provided for trouble or error indication. This contact will activate if an error is detected during a self-diagnostic check. The cause of the trouble condition will be displayed on the LCD. The relay contact will remain activated until it is manually reset.

Used by:

  • Rapid Rail Systems
  • NASA
  • Observatories