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Announcing the Maestro water, gas, and earthquake protection system with email notification

The details...

The QMI Maestro system is the most advanced, patented, water leak, earthquake, and gas leak detection, and automatic shutoff system in the market today.

Made in Canada, this network-enabled system features state-of-the-art technology developed by QMI that will automatically shut down the appropriate valve and report to you whenever a sensor detects a leak.

The Maestro wireless valves, designed, developed, and manufactured by QMI, are battery operated wireless, stainless-steel ball valves certified to NSF-61 for drinking water systems.   The valves are in constant communication with the controller.   The water valve will immediately shut whenever a water sensor detects water, the gas valve will immediately shut whenever a gas sensor detects gas, and both valves will immediately shut when the earthquake sensor detects an earthquake. When the battery voltage gets low in the valve, it will transmit a low-battery warning, and you will get an email notification.


Email notifications are sent for conditions such as water leaks, and low batteries in sensors or valves. These emails are sent directly to your email address so you can be notified immediately of any problems anywhere in the world where you have access to email.

Emails logged in your email server or smart-phone can also be used to show historical data about when and where problems have occurred.   This will help with your insurance if it is necessary to file a claim.

Insurance companies love the QMI Maestro system because a properly installed Maestro system will mitigate the amount of damage caused by a water leak and if a claim needs to be paid out, the amount will be a tiny fraction of what it would be if the water leak was allowed to continue for hours or even days. QMI has been working closely with insurance companies to offer rebates or discounts to customers who have a QMI shutoff system installed. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

When it comes time to repair the leak, or replace batteries, the liquid crystal on the display clearly tells you which sensor has detected the problem and what the problem is. Sensors can either be numbered (Sensor 1, Sensor 2, Sensor 3, etc.), or you can name them from a list of predefined names (Kitchen, Upstairs Bath, Laundry, etc.) so you can know exactly where the problem has occurred.

All Maestro systems also include the same patented earthquake detection technology used in other QMI products that are used in applications such as:

  • Slowing or stopping trains in Los Angeles Metro Transit system
  • Shutting down machinery at NASA Ames Research Center
  • Shutting down elevators across Western North America, Italy, and Turkey
  • Opening garage bay doors for fire halls in Vancouver.

QMI is constantly developing new products and add-ons for the Maestro system. Watch for additional exciting products, all compatible with your wireless Maestro system and coming soon.

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QMI Develops Water and Gas Control System for Security Monitoring Industry

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Building on the success of its Water Guardian and Gas Guardian product lines, QMI has launched a line of products geared specifically for the security monitoring industry.  These products are designed to interface directly to the alarm panel and have separate relay contact outputs for alarm and trouble.  They also allow for on-demand control of the valve through the PGM outputs on the alarm panel, with a built-in, programmable delay.

With proper programming on the alarm panel, the system can be set up to automatically close a valve whenever the system is armed (or after a pre-progammed delay), and automatically re-open when the system is disarmed, providing extra peace-of-mind that a water leak or gas leak will not occur when nobody is home.

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QMI Develops Wireless Seismic Gas Shutoff Valve System

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QMI, the leader in electronic earthquake detection technology for gas shutoff systems, has expanded on its patented earthquake detection technology by incorporating its proven wireless technology to provide a wireless solution for seismic gas shutoff systems.

As with other QMI products, the seismic detection portion of the system is separate from the valves, so no time-consuming and expensive bracing is required.  The earthquake sensor is installed inside and connected via a wireless radio frequency link to the valve.  It will provide an audible alarm if an earthquake occurs in addition to closing the valve outside.  It also provides a means for opening and closing the valve remotely. This system meets the ASCE 25-97 standard and is approved by the City of Los Angeles.  Click here for more information.

QMI Supplies Seismic Sensors for Los Angeles Metro Transit Authority

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QMI is pleased to announce that they have been chosen by GE Transportation systems to provide the seismic detection equipment for the new Los Angeles County Metro Transit Authority Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension Project. As a direct result of this successful venture, QMI has also been chosen to supply the seismic detection equipment to B&C Transit, who is overseeing construction of the LA Metro Exposition Line, and by the LA Metro Transit Authority to upgrade stations on existing rapid transit lines.

QMI Supplies Seismic Sensors to NASA

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QMI is pleased to announce that is has been chosen by NASA to supply seismic sensors to protect valuable equipment at its NASA Ames Research Center in Moffet Field, California.