QMI Manufacturing Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of advanced safety systems that detect the presence of gas leaks, water leaks, or seismic vibrations.  Our focus is on proactive solutions that protect lives and property.  At QMI, we are making the world a safer place.

Leak Detection Equipment

Answering Demands – Market Growth

There is a need for QMI safety products around the world. With stricter safety regulations in public spaces and in industries, there is greater demand for seismic, gas and water safety products to protect lives and property. Demands for safety products are also due to greater consumer awareness of potential problems in improperly monitored systems. QMI products also protect people in their homes, hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping malls. They resolve safety and protection issues for elevators, escalators, automatic doors, rapid transit systems, observatories, mines and fire halls—virtually any place people gather to work or play.

Property Damage and Personal Injury Solutions

Water damage due to burst or leaking pipes is one of the most common and expensive property damage insurance claims in North America—QMI systems can assist to prevent these problems from occurring.  At the same time, many lives are lost each year from carbon monoxide gas poisoning or fatalities due to earthquakes. In 1995, in Kobe, Japan an earthquake claimed 5,500 lives and more recently in 2008, in Sichuan, China an earthquake claimed nearly 70,000 lives and injured over 350000 more. Understanding the need for safety and protection systems, QMI products are able to alert people to potential injury or fatal dangers at home and at work and help prevent them from occurring.

Research and Innovation Advantages

The global demand for safety-related products keeps growing and QMI has responded to these needs with technological improvements, advanced manufacturing equipment and investment strategies in research and development that have outperformed competitors. As a result, QMI has become the industry leader in “ACTIVE” alarm designs, while other major manufacturers continue to produce less effective passive alarms. QMI products actively work to protect lives by automatically shutting off gas and water lines, or by alerting people to seismic danger.

Further innovative product features available only on QMI products include:

  • Wireless communications between sensors and shut-off valves
  • Alarm resets without utility company intervention
  • Sensitivity-level calibration with software instructions; no need for production retooling and no need to purchase a new unit.

Marketplace, Strength and Growth

In addition to advanced R&D and quality assurance, QMI’s marketing advantage is in pricing structures that are far more favourable than its competition. Technological advances and substantial savings are just two reasons why QMI products are trusted by many notable companies and institutions around the world including:

  • NASA
  • GE Transportation Systems
  • AnelTech
  • City of Los Angeles
  • Draka

Thanks to long-term distribution and marketing partnerships, systems have been sold to wholesalers, distributors, corporate customers, municipal managers, service professionals and end-consumers. Through ongoing negotiations with international firms in the Middle East, QMI Manufacturing Inc. is poised for rapid growth with many more multinational corporations.


QMI is determined to continue building long-term relationships, sales growth and value. We’re proud of the opportunities we’ve already created for employees and partners. QMI is always looking for partners who wish to benefit from our exciting product line and anticipated growth. We invite you to contact us for the latest news and more exciting developments.

Vision Statement

QMI will continue to lead in creating safer communities through the use of our unique and valuable product solutions. We will also continue to create opportunities and results for our partners, in North America and worldwide, through an aggressive sales and marketing program.